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A New Career

About Career Coaching

I focus on coaching the whole person, giving clients the opportunity to explore what matters most to them in clarifying and obtaining their career. Career coaching involves a solution-focused approach with concrete steps to meet a client's career goals. Career coaching may also involve looking at past scholastic history, values, assessing skills, strengths, and weaknesses, brainstorming, and assessing if any behavioral issues could be hindering the client's goals.

To have as successful a coaching engagement as possible, we agree to the following:

  • Throughout the working relaionship, I will engage you in direct, honest, and purposeful conversations, aligned with the intentions for our coaching.

  • You understand and agree to enhance and maximize the coaching relationship, you must communicate honestly, be open to feedback and assistance and create the time and energy to participate fulli in the relationship



What's Next?

Considering a career change, but not ready to retire?


You have spent several years dreaming about starting a business.


Retirement is getting closer and you are uncertain about what the future holds for you.


Forced Retirement -Facing retirement at the behest of your employer can be a challenging situation



Joe has been an invaluable help in getting me focused and on the right track to pursue the career I have always dreamed of. With his guidance, I did an exercise that showed me the next step and with his counseling, he showed me that I was brave enough to "stop dreaming and start doing it." I credit Joe with giving me the tools I needed to pursue the career of my dreams and showing me that I had the skills necessary to succeed. He is one of the best career coaches I have worked with because he understands that a career needs to align with your personal goals and guides you to becoming a successful person not just a successful businessperson. If you could work with him, do it. It could change your life!

Charlene K., Copywriter

About me:  Joe Feldman, CPCC    

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I am passionate about helping others reach their full potential and find a purposeful new career or prepare for retirement.  I provide my clients with a working knowledge of the most current trends affecting their desire to make a life change.

To earn the Certified Professional Career Coach designation (CPCC), I completed a comprehensive coaching/training program enhancing my current tools for career management coaching.

I have spent the last twenty years recruiting and coaching individuals at all levels of the organizational chart. 

My recruiting/ coaching career began in 2003 when I developed an interest in coaching clients struggling with the choices they needed to make to move their careers to the next level, transition into a new career or evaluate the option of retirement.

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