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I am passionate about helping others reach their full potential and find purposeful careers. To remain competitive in today’s market with continuously changing job search strategies, I provide my clients with a working knowledge of the most current trends affecting their career search by assisting them in navigating these changes.

To earn the Certified Professional Career Coach designation (CPCC), I completed a comprehensive coaching/training program enhancing my current tools for job searching and career management coaching.

I have spent the last twenty years recruiting and coaching individuals at all levels of the organizational chart. I also provide college graduates the support they need to successfully enter the workforce.

My recruiting/ coaching career began in 2003 when I developed an interest in coaching clients struggling with the choices they needed to make to move their careers to the next level or even transition into a new career. I found that combining coaching with recruiting provided my clients with better options.

I coach individuals by teaching them how to: 

  • Discover their “WHY.”

  • Create a sourcing strategy.

  • Enhance their social media.

  • Update their LinkedIn profile.

  • Prepare for interviews.

Coaching Programs


I have spent over 20+ years of my career as both a recruiter and career coach. I know that my experience in the recruiting industry provides a solid approach to helping individuals going through a career transition successfully find the career they desire.

I believe coaching is a team effort. When I accept a client, I become fully committed to their success. In return, I want them to do the same.


I will do a thorough assessment to identify your strengths and growing points to build a coaching plan focused on achieving your career goals. Once I have your profile, we can develop your self-awareness, skills and experiences, and personal resources to carry you into your ideal career, whether you’re searching for your first job or making a transition.


Who – What  – Where

  • Comprehensive Assessment: The report is a detailed account of an individual’s personality. This report is shared with you and provides insights into your strengths to help develop your self-awareness.  The information can be useful in planning a self-improvement program for personal growth. 

  • Goals: Goals are designed to help you succeed. They help you identify if what you want to achieve is realistic and determine a deadline.



  • Resume: Review your current resume or, if needed, develop a new one. You will learn the importance of keywords and use them to move your resume to the top of the pile.

  • LinkedIn Profile: A review of your current profile or the creation of a new profile.

  • LinkedIn Training: How to effectively navigate the site and use it as a networking tool.

  • Social Media: A review of all of your existing social media accounts.


Search Strategy

  • Define your career criteria

  • Networking (Associates, Friends, LinkedIn, Alumni)

  • Gather References – Previous Employers, Professors, Volunteer Groups, Part-time Positions

  • Research Companies – Begin searching for organizations that match your skill sets and interests

  • Practice Interviewing to include role-playing and interview preparation.



  • Review current open positions

  • Research the organizations and gather information about products, innovations, competition and leadership

  • Submit resume and cover letter

  • Prepare for interview

  • Post-interview review

  • Negotiate job offers

Reverse Recruiting


Traditional recruiters work with companies to fill vacancies – while Reverse Recruiters work for the candidates and assist them in acquiring a new position.

How does it work:
  1. You begin with an assessment that defines your strengths, areas that need improvement, and personality.

  2. Your Brand - Resume, LinkedIn, and other social media are reviewed to ensure that you have a positive online reputation.

  3. Determine through a series of coaching sessions the industries and companies to contact.

  4. Research available opportunities and each company to determine the vision, mission, and leadership to reach.

  5. Prepare you for interviewing – Role play with Video Review

  6. Assist in negotiating your compensation and benefits package.

  7. Onboarding – Develop a 90-day onboarding plan and coaching throughout your initial employment.

Maintain Confidentiality: 

We understand that in certain circumstances your search needs to remain confidential.  Discretion is critical.

Fees for reverse recruiting range from $750.00 to $ 2500.00 per month, based on the level of the search.

Resume Service


Ask yourself:


When was the last time you read a book or magazine article and put it down before finishing it? 

Did you make it past the first paragraph or the first chapter?

Your resume is no different. If you expect to get past the first phase of the interview process, you must create a resume that will excite the hiring authority and “make” them want to reach out to you.

As a Career Coach with extensive experience in recruiting, I have interacted with numerous hiring authorities and human resource individuals that review resumes daily. Their most significant complaint is the lack of information a candidate provides on their resume. It becomes challenging for them to determine whether the individual (you) would be the right fit for their organization. You will likely not be considered for the position you applied for simply because you failed to create a great resume.

Resume services include a brief discussion of your career goals, resume review, and LinkedIn profile. 

The fee for this service is determined by the required hours needed to complete the process. The initial call and a quick review of your resume are free. Should you elect to proceed, I will provide a price for my services upfront.



Joe has been an invaluable help in getting me focused and on the right track to pursue the career I have always dreamed of. With his guidance, I did an exercise that showed me the next step and with his counseling, he showed me that I was brave enough to "stop dreaming and start doing it." I credit Joe with giving me the tools I needed to pursue the career of my dreams and showing me that I had the skills necessary to succeed. He is one of the best career coaches I have worked with because he understands that a career needs to align with your personal goals and guides you to becoming a successful person not just a successful businessperson. If you could work with him, do it. It could change your life!

Charlene K., Copywriter

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